Minimum Booking Price: $100

Customized Services

Braidless Sew-Ins $300+
Basic Sew-in $200+
360 Lace Frontal Install (Sew-In) $250+
Bleach Knots $50+
Net Weave $225+
Custom Wigs $250+ (comes with a cut)
Lace Frontal Install (Sew-In) $250+
Lace Frontal Wig Install $90+
Braid Down $55
Loc Re-twist Crochet Method $200+
Loc Re-twist Crochet Method & Style $300+
Crochet Braids $100+
Updos and Styling $100+
Traditional Make up $80+
Trial Hair & Makeup $80+

Gel design starting at $3-$8 dollars a nail
Gel Polish $25.00
Gel design on 10 Fingers $25.00 special on Wednesdays.
Nail foundation must be even for me to design.

Weave removal not available unless installed by Tina unless a FREE consultation was a provided. Hair MUST be cleaned and blown out prior to service. Hair must be clean and stretched before coming in for Protective Styles, and Hair Styling HAIR IS NOT INCLUDED.

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